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“Christ is all, and is in all.” Colossians 3:11b

At Gospel Centered Growth, we commit our time and talents to mentoring individuals and congregations for the purpose of growing God’s kingdom in the spiritual and institutional realms. True to this commitment, Karl has and continues to study the biological process inherent in the church, a process that reflects and parallels Christ’s redeeming act for the world. God the Father created us, Mankind fell into sin, Christ redeems us, and the Holy Spirit sanctifies us. Karl’s understanding boils down to this concise process: Evaluation, Identity, Vision, Goals, Resources, Delegation, Programs, and Evaluation. Biblical in nature, this process serves as a dynamic model for healing ailing congregations and maintaining healthy congregations. Indeed, we see that Christ lives in and through the community of believers called the Church.




Pastor Karl Koch

Rev. Karl Koch

“Upon entering the ministry in 1960, I soon learned that I lacked the skills of church management. I also discovered that very little was available to instruct me and to guide me in their development. I could preach, teach, minister, and provide the needed spiritual services of the people. Fortunately, God has led me onto a path of development and has provided the means for me to know how to assist congregations to develop sound and effective management of their congregation’s life.”

Karl Koch


Karl Koch, a graduate of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis in 1959, has acquired the S.T.M. in Church History and the M.A. in Sociology.  During his studies, he became an associate in a business and church consulting firm, Management Design, Inc.  This firm specialized in creating process models of church life, combining the best of Christian theology with the best in the emerging studies of management and organizational development, while giving prominence to spiritual and foundational elements of organizations.

During the subsequent years, Karl worked for the State of Ohio, maintained his ministerial status by serving vacant congregations, and provided consulting services to Honda of America, Wendy’s, and A.T. & T. His ministerial duties gradually expanded into serving as a trained and certified Intentional Interim Minister. Also, over the past 30 years of service, Karl has developed workshop materials and consulting skills in service to those congregations that have sought him as an Intentional Interim Minister. All in all, Karl describes his programs as “Basic Training on How to be The Church,” emphasizing HOW TO put the Gospel of our Lord Jesus into every aspect of congregational life.

Karl will continue his efforts, as long as God wills, to bring the church into a relationship with its spiritual foundation, the realization of its great gifts, and the practice of its servant hood.




Al Renard

Alfred Renard

"For years, I puzzled over how does faith in Christ translate into how the church does and should conduct its business, that is, how the visible church implements its mission.  When I first saw The Power Cycle, as described in this web site, my eyes were opened to the possibilities."

Al Renard


Al Renard, a graduate of Concordia University, Ann Arbor, Michigan, struggled with how is the "Christian" way of life related to the earthly affairs of the church.  Eight years ago, Karl came to his home congregation in Wayne, Michigan to serve as an intentional interim minister.  It was there that he saw how Karl loved the congregation back to life.  Further, out of this revival, Al began to see that there was a structure behind Karl's love; a structure knit together with the act of salvation in Christ Jesus and the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Al currently works as an engineer for an automotive supply company.  Additionally, he serves as the Membership Commissioner at St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Wayne, Michigan.  Both callings give Al a unique path of servanthood.  Interestingly, at the intersection of these two paths, Al blends the physical nature of engineering and spiritual nature of ministry to write on church related subjects.

As God wills, Al endeavors to work with Karl promoting, modeling, and mentoring the principles that Karl has developed to heal congregations.  Indeed the vision goes beyond this to understanding how congregations can maintain their health.  All to God's glory and for the extension of His kingdom on earth.




Nicholas Farley

Nicholas Farley

"Throughout my life, I've seen the hardships endured by many churches. It often troubled me to see churches with stunted growth, and I often pondered what could be done to reverse this process. After seeing Karl's methods and The Power Cycle, I realized that the process could be reversed by putting these methods into practice."

Nicholas Farley


Nicholas Farley, a 2017 graduate of Concordia University Chicago, has studied Computer Science, Theology, and Biblical Languages. Nicholas now works at Caterpillar Inc. as an IT Analyst.

Nicholas was introduced to Gospel Centered Growth when he and his family transferred their church membership to St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Wayne, Michigan. Upon joining his new congregation, Nicholas soon met Al, the Membership Commissioner at St. Michael's. Al learned that Nicholas had acquired skills in web design in his previous year of high school, so he introduced Nicholas to Pastor Koch, and the three joined together. Nicholas primarily works as the Head Web Designer, but he also works with Karl and Al in their ministry. Nicholas is thankful that the Lord provided this opportunity and looks forward to many more years of ministry.


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