Gospel Centered Growth

One Faith, One Family, One Focus
"Bring in the Focus"



This Advent we will build part of the transition from our Pathway program to our regular program(s) of the church. While the transition will emphasize all elements of our program title – One Faith, One Family, One Focus – a special stress will be put on One Focus

The messages will be based each week on the four basic characteristics of:

  1. Clarity
  2. Movement
  3. Alignment
  4. Focus         

The message on each sub-theme will be “How did Jesus show this in his life?”*

*This sequence of four characteristics is from “The Simple Church” by Thom S. Rainier and Eric Geiger. The book can be found on Google under its title. Textual content herein was developed by Karl Koch.  We recommend the purchase of the book for some direct benefits on making disciples.

The application on each one will be “How do we apply this to our life as church?”

Advent is a time in which we focus on the coming of Jesus AS THE CHRIST. In this act, Jesus became incarnate among us.  He became the Christ visible in a human body. Since we are called THE BODY OF CHRIST,  it would seem appropriate that the body of Christ would continue to act as did Christ while in his body. Our question is, “Will Christ be evident in his body today?”

This suggests a lead-in to our Christmas celebration. We can celebrate the first incarnation of Christ for us and our salvation, but, can we also celebrate and realize a new incarnation of Christ into his body the Church? Think about this as we plan our Christmas time.**

**Please note that there are only three Wednesdays in Lent this season, a common experience in the church year. While you might be uncomfortable I suggest considering the use of the material on Christmas Eve, with whatever modification you would deem important.

In Christ,

Rev. Karl Koch





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