Gospel Centered Growth

The Ten Commandments of Church Growth: Introduction



What would it be like if God were to speak to his Church, first reassuring us of his saving love and then renewing his covenant to us, individually and jointly?

Reflect on these commands as if they had come from God. Now, ask yourself – what growth experiences are needed in the churches in order to be led by God, with God’s guidance, power and gifts? 

  1. You shall honor and use all of the gifts of the Church as I have given them to you in creation, redemption, and sanctification.

  2. You shall act in accord with your death, burial, and new life in Christ.

  3. You shall accept that the Church is a biological entity, both as the Body of Christ and in your bodies as its individual parts.

  4. You shall imitate my leadership style in all your work in the Church.

  5. You shall not use the authority of administration to exalt yourself.

  6. You shall use your gifts of creation as they were intended, in service to others, for they are good.

  7. You shall use your gifts of the Spirit as they were intended, in service to others, for they are good.

  8. You shall not rely on any man made culture to direct the Church’s life.

  9. You shall seek to understand the cultures of your time, to better witness to others and to avoid their sinister influences.

  10. You shall recognize that change is normative for the Church, for your entrance into its fellowship was the greatest change of your life.

In Christ,

Rev. Karl Koch

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