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For the Life of the Church: Introduction



The title, “For the Life of the Church,” serves as more than an enticing expression designed to grab the reader’s attention.  It also expresses this author’s basic premise – that the Church is a living, biological system.  God designed it thus.  God made it thus.  If you experience discomfort at this thought, allow a contrast.  How else would you describe the Church, a mechanical entity?  Biological System vs. Mechanical Entity is the contrast that I wish to draw.  The apostles made it clear.  The Church is the Body of Christ, his incarnate presence in the world, an organism, not a mechanism.

There are certain realities about physical entities.

  1. Living entities exist and thrive because of the processes that govern their lives.  They in turn must be governed by a well-ordered process.
  2. These well-ordered processes are cyclical in nature.  The processes move through a constant repetition of their elements.
  3. The structure of these cyclical processes exhibit complexity and interactivity.   Any impact on a part of a cyclical process, whether positive or negative, influences the health of the whole.
  4. These impacts are not always directly observable or predictable.
  5. A true assessment of a biological entity’s health requires credible information on a) the whole, b) its parts, c) their inter-relationships to one another, and d) the environment wherein it lives.

Many of the materials that I’ve studied do not approach their analysis of Church health using these premises.  Their analysis often proceeds quickly to a solution by solving the problems of a part, sometimes of several parts.

It seems that a graphic model of a living entities’ process would aid our investigation, discussion, and resolution of the Church’s present problems.  Thus we developed our model – The POWER Cycle.

In Christ,

Rev. Karl Koch




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