Gospel Centered Growth

Healthy Congregations: Introduction



I have been attending a "workshop" titled Healthy Congregations. It made the offer of leading participants to have, or build, a healthy congregation. It failed to do this from the beginning when no definition of a healthy congregation was provided.

"A Healthy Congregation is one in which the Spiritual* and Institutional* elements are used through a process that connects and uses the natural relationship between the two, as created by God. The proper use of their relationship and the flow of that process assures:

  • The creation and governance of the congregation is drawn from the Trinity, each Person contributing according to their several roles in our salvation. This creates the flow and the power within the flow of the process.

  • Boundaries for approved behavior are created and maintained. These boundaries flow out of the Spiritual origin of the congregation, and they build and govern proper behavior within the congregation.

  • The scriptures define and provide us information on the flow in the process. This process, and its flow, can be examined through scripture, research, and experience."

*The terms are used to define the origin of these elements, the one being God and the other being human nature as created by God.

I have defined, redefined, and examined this process model for over 30 years. I call it The Power Cycle. The model is dynamic and not static. It attempts to portray all of the dynamics of the process, yet it must constantly be modified because it is not equal to the task. No model is, particularly over time.

It can, however, portray the basic assumptions and criteria that create a healthy congregation. From that knowledge, and with the Spirit’s guidance and power, we can build and maintain Healthy Congregations.

In Christ,

Rev. Karl Koch

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